NPC’s mentioned or that have shown up.

Castle Korvosa: Ancient Castle of Korvosa. Predates the city by many hundred years, multiple buildings built one upon another.

Crimson throne 560x818

The queen

Queen Ilesa, Queen of Korvosa and the Crimson Throne

Sabina Merrin, Royal Bodygaurd

Royal Seneschal Neolandus, missing presumed dead. Technically the Sable Company is under the command of the Seneschal, allowing them the freedom to fight against a tyrant of a king. The disappearance of Neolandus has caused some to blame the Queen, as an attempt to gain more power.

Noble Family with Vudrani (Pathfinder’s version of India) garb and facial features. A little asking around will give you more knowledge into the noble families of Korvosa.

The Citadel (officially Citadel Volshyenek, named after Lord Volshyenek Ornelos, who paid for most of the building of both this citadel and the Academae). Home of the Korvosan Guard.

Cressida kroft xl

Field Commander Cressida Kroft. Attractive dark haired woman in red armor (guard colors)

Lt. Verik Vandercasker, corrupt guardsman and your next assignment.

The Streets:


Grau Saldono, Korvosan Guard Sergeant. Well Trained Drunk.

The Mystery Man (or Woman) in Black. Black leather from the rooftops. Technically only the ranger saw this person and he never mentioned this to the group. Who is this person? Villain? Hero? Only time will tell.

Lamm (Deceased)

Yargin, the alchemist (deceased), Hookshanks, the gnome (deceased), Giggles (deceased)

Zellera, the fortune teller (ghost)

Pilts Swistel, owner of the theater of the Macabre.
Jabbyr, one eyed gnome bodyguard.

The Longfinger’s Guild. Korvosa’s Thieves Guild.

The Evil Cultists. Black leather, long scythes, command of the undead.


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