Blood Money

This is part of a song I wrote based on last night’s game. Still working on it, but I wanted to post it in the works. Some of it is great, some silly. It needs a last verse. Any notes are welcome.

A silent ship sinking in the dead of night.
The guards of the city watch it all from torchlight.
She slipped beneath the surface without a whisper at all.
Now one after the other each of us will fall.
Blood money, blood money where this gold did you find?
In the reeds and the rickets where the river does wind.

Son, my son, I see your face no more
You left all your coins you found on the shore.
My daughter, my girl, why do you cry your red tears?
We have enough money to eat for three years.
Blood money, blood money where this gold did you find?
In the reeds and the rickets where the river does wind.

Cadance, the butcher finally paid off his rotisserie
Where he got the pay is still a complete mystery
Mordred the gravedigger works 20 hours a day
More red veiled brides walk the aisle for his pay.
Blood money, blood money where this gold did you find?
In the reeds and the rickets where the river does wind.

Blood money, blood money where this gold did you find?
In the reeds and the rickets where the river does wind.

Session 1: The party meets

First game sum up.

We did a short intro for everyone and then each got their Harrow card. We all met at the shop of a mysterious puppet master, the individual secretly giving us instructions through the use of the Harrow cards that we were all given through various shady, and somewhat disconcerting, means. At noon, four of the adventurers (Saris, Torreck, Rajol and Bas) entered the room to find provisions waiting, bread and wine and cheese. Shortly thereafter, the final member of the party, Kistor, arrived. After some moments of awkward silence and uncomfortable banter, Zellera entered. She explained that she had brought us together to go after Lamm, because each of us had some grudge or quest that led us to him, be they visions from a god or just good old-fashioned hatred. She wanted to tell us her story, but we just went right to the point and wanted to know where to find the bastard. She told us our fortunes before we left, though, giving us the ability to at anytime spend a Harrow Point (each player has three) to gain +2 to AC, Ref, Ranged Attack, or DEX based skill rolls for one round. We used our sneaky party members to trick and cajole the gnome overseer of the kids at the dockside hideout, then proceeded to question him on pain of death. Of course, the kids killed him for us, which was only mildly disturbing. Note to future selves: all kids have knives. We destroyed a mad scientist, nearly got taken out by some giggling bastard, and then moved on to the spiders and the secret passages in the ships at the docks (insert absurd use of animal empathy). We sent forward Rajol to scout it out, and he promptly got shot in the face with a hand crossbow and nearly slain. The ensuing fight was outrageously epic for a level one fight, with deaths on both sides and everyone but the slow dwarf being reduced to critical HP at least once, sometimes twice. In the end, however, we prevailed. Victory, unnamed adventuring party.

Loot and XP.

100 xp/person
Small studded leather armor (25 GP) Did you have time to take this?
Small Kukri (8 GP) This I think you could have easily pocketed if you wanted to.
Disguise Kit (50 GP) +2 Disguise 10 uses (Megan)

Treasure: six small pouches 4 (50 CP), 2 (50 SP) (Total 14 GP)

Yargin and Bloo (the dog)
135 xp/person
Leather Armor (10 GP) Did you have time to take this?
dagger (2 GP)
Light Crossbow with 10 bolts (36 GP)
Wand of Magic Missile (18 left by end of night?) (Lane?)
Acid (3) (10 GP each)
Tanglefoot Bag (50 GP)
Thunder stone (30 GP)
Garnet Amulet (???GP)

100 xp/person
Studded Leather (gone)
Flail (8 GP) did you get this?

The Spiders
100 xp/person
35 xp to Megan and Jeremy for the first one.

The Shark
100 xp/person

Lamm and Gobblegut
300 xp/person

Masterwork Dagger (302 GP) Megan
Masterwork Handcrossbow (400 GP) Megan
7 Bolts
vial of Greenblood Oil (100 GP) Fort DC 13 -1 Con 1/rd for 4 rds. 1 save
Cigar Case with jade (GP)
2 pound gold ingot with imperial seal (100 GP)
miniature gold crown (?
carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes (?GP)
Silver Ring inscription “For Emmah —Light of my Night”
Ivory figurine with two entwined succubi (?
Masterwork Shuriken (300 GP)
an Adamantine arrowhead (60 GP) Considered Masterwork
A holy symbol of Shelyn, Goddess of Beauty (?GP)
Oil of Keen Edge (Derek)
Oil of Silversheen (?
Wand of Sleep (23 Charges) (Lane?)
A Bejeweled brooch with a broken clasp.

835 for everyone
35 additional Megan/Jermey
25 Additional to all players for good role play
25 Additional to Jeremy for backstory details and write up.

Needed XP total to reach 2nd Level 2000 XP

If you want additional XP (25 XP right now) write up stories about your character/draw art from adventure/write a journal of your adventures/create something useful on the website.

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